Great question, let me get to the bottom of it. This training is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before; we can promise you that.

It’s simple really. BANK is a personality based sales and communication training designed to increase your income and create deeper and more meaningful connections with our customers, friends, and family.
Now some of you may read this and totally reject the word sales or immediately think that this training is all about slimy sales, extreme hype, and manipulation. You wanna know how we know? We’ve been there. To be completely honest with you guys, the first times we heard about it, we thought it was too good to be true. \Because well if you’ve been in business for yourself long enough, well usually things that say “will increase your income up too___% even when you hate sales” turn out to be over hype and ultimately disappointing. Especially, if you were like us who wanted to be successful so bad, we wanted the nice cars, the fancy houses, and no more stress about making money.
It’s funny, we just spoke with a friend of ours about this the other day, and they told us that their problem was that they were making too much money. OMG! You should have seen our faces! We were like dude, we’d love to have that problem! Would anybody else? Oh is it just us?
It wasn’t until we discover this incredible training when we really took our business to the next level. Not only did we discover more about people and who are customers were but, we learn the secret that no one knew until now, and that is the secret to WHY THEY BUY.
You see in being a business owner/entrepreneur we are always learning and growing and we are always learning how to increase our business, how to increase our bottom line, how to get more customers and how to increase sales. We are always learning how to sell. But here is the mind-blowing thing that no one even thinks about. What if, it’s not how to sell that will make the difference in your business, but it’s the science behind why your customer or prospect buys from you that does. I mean isn’t that really what we all want to increase our business by giving the customers exactly what they want without being salesy right? It’s better for everyone. See check it out for yourself…

I don’t know what I would have done without B.A.N.K. It not only saved my business, but took it to a whole new level. I am the happiest in my business I have ever been and our teams communication and undrestanding for one another has dramatically changed. LOL my brain and business have been bankified. This is hands down the best thing I have done for my busiess and myself. Thank you ~ Brittney Schultz

According to
  • 67% of people in business or sales miss their quote. That means that 3/4 of you are not on track to meeting your financial New Years resolution
  • 87% of peoples in sales and business don’t feel adequately prepared for an appointment with a potential customer. That’s 9/10 of you don’t feel prepared. Crazy Right? But way till you hear the last one.
  • 66% of customers or potential customers feel turned off by your presentation and say, “oh, no that’s not for me. That blows our minds right. We mean after you put in all this time, energy, marketing, and $$ into finding some who will even agree to sit down to meet with you, say no thank you and walk away offended. That a is 100%, the last thing we want in business is to chase away our clients, but that they are turned off by us.
You see, if you are like us, you’ve heard the common saying “To get more yes’s you have to get more ___what? More No’s!” Right. So they are training us to go out and find people who will say no the fastest and so we can find the yes the fastest. Not only is that not right, but it’s completely wrong.
Let me ask you a question, doesn’t it make more sense that to get more yes’s you have to go out and get more … yes’s? YES!! Absolutely. And that’s precisely what BANK does. It teaches us how to craft our presentation in the best possible way for the customer or potential customer to see the value that matters to them, and then they genuinely want to buy it.
And how does it do this you may ask? Well, it’s simple really. It’s called science…Personality science and it dates back thousands and thousands of years ago, all the way back to hypocrites and the father of medicine. It’s fascinating really. But that is a topic for another post… Using the science of personality’s we were able to uncover the secret and the system to why people buy.
So I am sure by now you are just begging to learn more like we were. We have good news. Both of us, Sarah and Sharon, host a FREE training all about why people buy. All you have to do it register and your seat is saved.

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We can’t wait to see you and to walk you through step-by-step the secret to why people buy.
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