I I think it’s important to start off with this statement, “We didn’t create BANK.” I know hard to believe right. You thought we created BANK because we knew it so well. But NOPE, we are certified and licensed trainers for BANKCODE…plus we love it so much! So while our CEO is traveling around the world speaking to thousands of people, we are here to teach and train businesses, sales teams, and people just like you, who want the know the secret, the science, and the system that will skyrocket your sales. It’s an honor to be able to do this, and we love every minute of it. But with that said, let me introduce you to the brains behind B.A.N.K., the person who created it and BANKCODE’s CEO Cheri Tree.

CHERI TREE is a best-selling author, professional keynote speaker, executive business coach, world-renowned sales trainer, and entrepreneur. She is the Founder and CEO of BANKCODE, with clients in more than 40 countries worldwide. Cheri has spoken to hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and sales professionals globally. She has personally trained over 150 licensed trainers, both Sharon and I have had the privilege of being one of them. She has been featured in numerous international publications and shared the stage with icons such as Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Suze Orman, Les Brown, and Sir Richard Branson. Cheri has also lectured at Harvard University and UC Berkeley, and she is considered the number one personality sales trainer in the world. She lives in Laguna Beach, California

“BANK’s revolutionary methodology has transformed the way I communicate with people, not only in my professionally business but also my personal relationship with all my loved ones. Cheri’s positive energy is contagious! Thank you, Cheri, for putting your heart and soul into this mission of transforming lives… I’m in!!!” ~ Jacklyn Ker, JKer Pte Ltd

But that is just where she is now, not where she is from or how she even discovered this revolutionary methodology called BANK.

Cheri Tree journey started off in financial sales and being completely frank she was not very good at it since the first year she only had $700…IN ONE YEAR! She was the worst salesperson of all time, and those are her words, not mine😜. But she was so hungry ( lol, physically and business-wise), she wanted to learn all she could about sales, marketing, and being a businesswoman. Now I am sure you can relate to this, she read all the book, listened to all the audio, went to all the seminars and even hired coaches in the effort to be successful all with money she didn’t have. Fast forwarding 5 years, she was able to increase her income up to 72,000 a year. Great, she was finally able to eat, but she still had thousands of dollar in credit card debt from trying to get there and still driving around a salvaged BMW. She became a BETTER salesperson, but deep down inside, she knew she could do better. Now, along the journey, she came across several personality typing systems. As compelling and fascinated Cheri became with personality science, she found it extremely difficult to apply it to real sales and business.

Outside the Box

Being the outside the box thinker (Action😜) she had the thought of, “I wonder if people buy differently based on their personality.” That was the thought that started her off and created BANK – the first easy system that combined the proven brilliance of personality science with real-world best practices for the sales process while making it fun, simple and quick. Using BANK she was able to increase her income from $72,000 to over $500,000 in just 12 months, and then 3 years later she broke the roof and made $1million. She experienced a 1400% increase!

It is truly an incredible story if you haven’t heard her speak, she is incredible.

Now that you know the story of where BANK came from, I encourage you to apply it to your business and your sales and watch how it will dramatically improve your business and even change your lives.
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