Hello, and welcome to our cozy little world on the world wide web. We are Sarah & Sharon Hyde, the mother & daughter team who think chocolate & kombucha are gods greatest creations; horses are dogs are girls best friends, love business, being creative and having fun!… And YES we are both Certified B.A.N.K. Trainers.

We wanted to create a special home for all of us here where we can connect with friends and family about the things that we am most passionate about and to teach you a game-changing new sales & communication training called B.A.N.K. Here you will not only get to know us two, but we will laugh, have fun, build better relationships & make more money. We are most excited about talking with you about communication and how a simple 90-sec game can increase your sales up to 300%, repair relationships and have fun…

The secret to a great life is great relationships ~ Cheri Tree

But you will get to know plenty about B.A.N.K. later. We want you to get to know us and who we are. So what better way to do that than to give you some fun facts about us…Here is what we know so far…

  • I bet you are wondering what our B.A.N.K.’s codes are… well, here we go… Sarah’s is ANBK and Sharon’s is NAKB; Our codes are close but yet so different.
  • Scuba diving and horseback riding are our hobbies
  • We think Traveling is pretty cool especially in the warmer climates
  • Health is vital to us. Especially since most people don’t know how good they’re body can feel.
  • We are practicers of dog-yoga (the yoga in which we try to practice yoga but our dog thinks it the perfect time to practice his army claw and weaving routine to try and get our attention as we downward dog or plank)
  • “Laughter is the Best Medicine,” we genuinely believe that. Our favorite comedians are John Mullaney, Ellen Degeneres and Angela Johnson.
  • We do have separate lives outside of this. Sarah is an actress and Founder is DairyFreeCheeseAtHome.com and Sharon is a National Marketing Director for the Juice Plus+ Company
  • Life is supposed to be lived. It’s supposed to be adventurous, and we are supposed to never stop learning and expanding our minds. It is one of our goals in life, and we may take you along for the ride so hang on tight, It could get a little bumpy.

This is just the icing on the cake. There is more to come we are sure. Watch our videos to really capture who we are, our energy, love, passion and our personalities. 📷

This is the beginning of a great mentorship, partnership & friendship. We can feel it. Can you? Get ready we are going on a ride you will never forget.

This labor of love is our way of inviting you to join us on the journey. We want to hear your thoughts and ideas! Doesn’t matter what it is, write it in the comments or tag us on social media.

We are really looking forward to rolling up our sleeves, having fun, making more money and building better relationships. But more importantly, we are really looking forward to getting to know you better as well. Here is to a long-lasting friendship, partnership, and mentorship! Cheers!

Oh, and just in case we didn’t tell you earlier, don’t forget to find out your own bank code here and send it to your closet friends to see what their code is too!

Have fun! See you at the B.A.N.K 😜