If you are in business and can’t sell…you should quit.

Hey, I’m Sarah Hyde, and I am the Sarah of Sarah and Sharon and this is another episode of Why People Buy.
If you are in business and can’t sell…you should quit. Sounds harsh. Believe me, we know. It hurts us just to say it.
But if you are in business and can’t sell then you aren’t in business. A business that makes no money is not a business, it’s not even a nonprofit because they make more money than you. That’s right a bunch of Boys and Girls Clubs in America make more money than you do. Just saying. Don’t just take it from us. Robert Kiyosaki said,

“the ability to sell is the number one skill in business. If you cannot sell, don’t bother thinking about becoming a business owner.”

Sale’s is like the blood of your business. Without it. You will die. That’s just science.

Now, hang on. Don’t run away just yet…

3 out of 4 people suck at sales. It’s not just you.
Believe it or not, most people look at sales the wrong way. They see sales as a slimy high-pressure tactic’s that forces customers to buy a product they don’t want..or understand.
Just like forcing your kids to each there vegetables.
Typically customers feel turned off felt like they had no choice but to buy your product or service…
Here’s the thing, that may be how some people sell, but here is the secret to sales…the best salesperson figures out what their customer wants and helps them get it in the best way they understand. Let me say it again. Helps there customer get what they want in the best way they UNDERSTAND! That is so important.
Most business owners genuinely believe that their product or service will help improve your life. Otherwise, they wouldn’t go into business. 90% of businesses fail, those aren’t very good odds.
So instead of thinking of salespeople or business owners as slimy high-pressure people that you should avoid like the plague.. think of them as friends who are trying to help you figure out what you want so they can help you get it.
As business owners, if no one buys your product or service, then you can’t help their life be changed, and they will still being suffering.
You’re hurting them, stop being so selfish thinking sales is all about you.
Now, as a Business Owner stop thinking about how to sell to people and start thinking about Why They Buy.
Why do people buy? Why do I buy? Why do you buy? Why does he buy?
Let me ask you a question, what’s more, important to you? Learning how to sell or learning why they buy?
So don’t try to sell to people and push them to buy products that they don’t want, instead figure out how your customers buy (and it’s not their pain points or wants, dude that’s business 101. Like you had that before you had your product or service.)
We are talking about how people make a buying decision and what makes them say yes v.s a no. What is there buy-logy?
Remember, don’t aim to sell, instead, punch in their buy-logy and create your own financial success machine and helping millions of people.
Seems overly simple… well maybe. But just because it’s simple.
Doesn’t mean it’s not successful.
Sarah and Sharon